Sunday, May 17, 2015

Holiday, Celebrate!

Hello to any and all visitors of this blog! It's a few days late, but I have managed to finish this semester (didn't get a 3.0, but at least I passed my classes).

I will be getting a new cell phone in a few days, which will allow me to post videos on YouTube over fifteen minutes.

I'm posting a future update video on where I'll be traveling for a week, which will be in July (the vacation; the video will be out at the latest a week beforehand).

I have some stuff planned this Summer so I remain active:

- Practice drawing techniques, which include taking a look at this free animation program.
- Learn more about web coding (I really need to improve on this, so I can create an online portfolio)
- Read a book chapter every night. Some fanfiction will likely be included too.
- Work-out routine. I'm working towards a more defined abdominal core.
- Finish video/collab projects. Some might take longer because I still need an idea for characters, how to piece them together, etc.
- Continue working on my ideas for A Look Into My Life. I really want to get this series started.
- Get some other segments started such as an art gallery.
- Work on written reviews for South Park.

That should be it for now. Why am I trying to remain so active? So I can learn to manage my time better. I want to get a 4.0 next year, and time management is what I need to work on so it is possible.

Thanks for reading!

- Alanna