Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Moving Things Forward

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. There have been several things I've been meaning to do before Christmas, but there is always next year, so I'll work on those in secret so there ready when the time comes around.

I spent Christmas at home with my family, and my friend's family came over too which was nice. Here is a picture of what I got.

(One of the family's cats Benny snuck her way into this photo)

The picture includes:

  • Chocolate and lots of other candy
  • A bag of loose leaf tea
  • A tea leaf holder that's shaped like a manatee.
  • A coffee warmer
  • Small tubes to hold shampoo, conditioner, etc. for travel
  • Bamboo pencils
  • A jar for pencils and brushes
  • Buddhist meditation flags
  • Chibi Stitch plushie
  • Betty Boop pajamas
  • Underwear
  • A scarf
  • And a kettlebell weight
For New Year's Eve, I flew out to spend time with my dad for a few days. First day was mostly watching TV, second day was a lazy day, and third day we did a little shopping.

In addition to being in Pennsylvania for New Year's, I got to meet my dad's dog Sassy! Here's a picture of the lovable little cutie right here:

I've also set up another art shop on Cupick! I'm going to spend my time for now playing catch-up until all my designs are on there. I've had an Etsy account for a long time too (before all of my other shops) that I want to get properly set-up.

And because the new semester started, I've been working on some class designs, which I'll the process to in another post fairly soon.

See ya then!

- Alanna