Thursday, April 2, 2015


Here is a simple introduction to my new series called A Look Into My Life, which is based on any current events and interests of mine. They will range from hobbies, places I travel to, school related, independent art/designs, and some personal thoughts of nearly anything on the internet.

In addition, I'll have some reviews mostly on animation and some possible live-action shows/movies as well as some gameplay.

Era of Animation/Television/Web Shows - Reviews of shows and movies. Most will be written reviews on South Park, but there'll be videos on other stuff too.
Gameplay Central - Gameplays of any games I can purchase on Steam. Currently on the Stick of Truth, but I plan to do all three of the Five Nights at Freddy's games, Eversion, and some others possibly.
Reading Corner - Reviews of books and stories. Nothing planned yet.
Music Station - Reviews of bands, musicians, and some songs.

These titles will possibly change.


YouTube - HERE!
Dailymotion - HERE!
Zippcast - HERE!
Stick of Truth Playlist - HERE!
deviantART - HERE!
Tumblr - HERE!
Twitter - HERE!

Apologies for any of the possible mistakes in this video. First video in a review style, so I'll be working on it!

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