Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey, everyone, just checking back in to make a quick post. Yesterday and especially the day before have been pretty intense with my computer receiving viruses that have found their way in the hardware, which lead to me going through a severe freak out. I currently have Yet Another Cleaner to help me out, and I'm getting McAfee installed at the moment.

Anyway, one of my projects I've been quiet about is a forum I'm putting together called FusionFall Universal. It's based off the now deleted Cartoon Network game FusionFall and is serving as a tribute to the upcoming indie revival project FusionFall Legacy. It'll include not only the Cartoon Network characters, but also other fictional characters from all sorts of networks on both television and online. I am absolutely ecstatic about this game, and I figured putting together this roleplay forum would help keep me patient. You're free to become a member, but I would appreciate holding off on character/persona auditions until all rules and information are printed

In addition, I've been trying to sell skin care products through the company Seacret. If you're interested in checking out the products, you can view my shop right here.

Other than that, I'm heading out to the Mall of America to do some back to school clothes shopping! I'll post pictures of some of the sights there as well as the clothes I purchased along with several others I got at my local thrift store about a week ago.

See ya then!

- Alanna

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