Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slowing Sliding in from a Hiatus

Hey, everyone! I'm well aware of how silent I have been, and I can blame that on the last month of my semester with being incredibly busy putting together a portfolio show with my class.

Here are some pictures displayed below of my portfolio stand.

And if you're wondering what my overall mood was putting this together, well... here you go!

I'll be making this into a digital illustration when I have the time.

Because of all this, I am officially done with college! I was initially going to consider a transfer, but graphic design is one of those programs where the portfolio is what really matters in the end, and the degree I went for is an AAS degree, which is specifically a degree designed for going into the career you studied for right afterwards.

Other than that, my summer has been a bit of a lazy one at the moment, besides going to work obviously. I've mostly been getting into the idea of creating a cartoon block by watching a large variety of shows based on the day of the week. Currently it's Tom and Jerry on Mondays, Loony Tunes on Tuesdays, Felix the Cat on Wednesdays, cartoons by the Fleischers (Popeye, Betty Boop, Out of the Inkwell) on Thursdays, Cartoon Network's What a Cartoon! on Fridays, and more current cartoons on the weekends. This is meant to help expand what kind of cartoons I watch, and I want to bring a nostalgic vibe to my life. Why? Nostalgia is one of the main things that keeps me happy. It helps lay out my life in simpler terms which makes it much easier for me to finish anything I need to get done. Learning how to take some time out of the day for a scheduled cartoon I think will also help me manage my time better.

I also want to put time aside to learn how to do web design and animation better along with learning new languages, getting into a proper workout routine, practicing meditation, reading the books my dad loaned me for my Amazon Kindle app, and of course creating designs to sell online.

So I basically have a lot on my plate that I want to get to. I just got to get my room more organized so everything goes more smoothly. It's a lot to improve on, but because I only have work I need to focus on as opposed to college being in the mix, it shouldn't be too hard.

- Alanna

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